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COMEDY HYPNOTIST THE INCREDIBLE BORIS named 2012 Entertainer of the Year


COMEDY HYPNOTIST THE INCREDIBLE BORIS of Toronto, ON was named 2012 Entertainer of the Year along with André-Philippe Gagnon. The Star Award Ceremony was held on March 30, 2012 as part of Canadian Special Events Expo12.

The Star Awards honor and celebrate event professionals and companies for their exceptional body of work over the period of a year. Hypnotist The Incredible BORIS has previously receved Entertainer of The Year award in 2009. In 2012, he shares the title with André-Philippe Gagnon.

Boris Cherniak, a.k.a. Hypnotist The Incredible BORIS, performs internationally and has received numerous awards and nominations. He regularly appears on television – Maury (phobia series regular guest expert), Montel, Howie Mandel Show, Comics, and most recently was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for his one person show.

Boris performs internationally, and in 2011, he entertained the troops in Afghanistan as part of Operation H.O.T. - Honoring Our Troops.

Boris pe…

Operation H.O.T. - Honoring Our Troops at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

I just returned from Germany, Kuwait, Qatar and Afghanistan, where I entertained the troops at Bagram Air Base.

Check out videos and pictures from the trip:
- story from Bagram air base Story here

- Trip documentary trailer

Operation H.O.T. Trailer from Christopher Shepherd Films on Vimeo.

- Pictures posted on Facebook (Friend me) pictures on Facebook

What an amazing experience. I got a chance to bring smiles to the people that fight for freedom. Big hugs to everyone!!!

Inspirational comedy hypnotist The Incredible BORIS - motivational entertainment, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, performing worldwide

Great Show!

Forget the autograph line. Embrace the line of people heading out of the showroom. This line is often right next to the staircase leading off stage or a space next to the table selling memorabelia.

A performer is often caught in the outpouring of congratulatory hands after the show to offer a compliment on a job well done. In the midst of shaking hands and selling product, a star is born. Some performers feel like flight attendants shaking hands and saying the obligatory thank yous. I use that opportunity to tweak my show and get feedback.

I enjoy hearing the accolades from the audience. But the part that I enjoy the most is hearing what people have to say between the lines of ego-boosting verbiage. It is always easy to say “great show”. I love engaging audience members with questions like “What did you find the most memorable moment?”, “What struck you as if it did not belong” and “What would you improve?”. The show needs continuity. As a comedy writer, I listen to my audience’s point …

Company Holiday Christmas party event planning and corporate team building useful tips

The art of booking a party is timeless. Here is an updated checklist.

“Holiday entertainment planning is a serious business – a lot happens behind the scenes, long before the CEO says thanks for a job well-done”, says Incredible BORIS (Boris Cherniak).

Around this time of the year, human resources managers, entertainment committees and company CEOs are asking the age-old question - How do we make our holiday event an affair to remember? After all, we are simply trying to thank the employees, suppliers and their families for a job well done throughout the year. We also want this event to motivate the group to be happy and productive in the future. This is a more difficult task that may appear.

“The event planning committee has an enormous task of fitting into the ever-shrinking budgets while keeping party-goers excited,” says Boris Cherniak, corporate event planning professional, comedy hypnotist entertainer and motivational speaker.

Here is a helpful checklist of planning a holiday par…

Summer Reality

As the weather gets warmer, it marks the start of summer reality talent shows. Some of the guilty pleasures of mine are two shows - America's Got Talent and Last Comic Standing. I watch it not because I want to see the heartbreaking stories and misfits that are there to joke around, but because I get to see some of my friends and misfits daring to put a spark in their careers that will start a fire.

I owned and ran a comedy club chain for 10 years of my life and have been instrumental in giving some of these brilliant talents much needed stage time.

I love the fact that talents get exposed to mass TV audiences and wish everyone the very best. I regularly follow the behind the scenes accounts and enjoy watching the outcomes from the couch as an audience member, rather than an industry insider.

Special mention goes out to the new judge, Howie on AGT. Continued success and glad you help make careers of others.

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